Online Master of Science in Information Technology

2 years course | 4 Semesters | Online Exam | US Accredited Degree Program

First Semester

  • 1. Operating Systems
  • 2. Computer Organisation & Architecture
  • 3. C-Programming
  • 4. Windows Server Administration
  • 5. C-Programming Lab
  • 6. Windows Server Administration Lab

Second Semester

  • 1. Database Management System
  • 2. OOPS with C++
  • 3. Java Programming
  • 4. Android App Development
  • 5. Java Programming Lab
  • 6. Android App Development Lab

Third Semester

  • 1. Data Communication
  • 2. Ethical Hacking & Pentesting
  • 3. Linux Server Administration
  • 4. Python Programming
  • 5. Linux Server Administration Lab
  • 6. Python Programming Lab

Fourth Semester

  • 1. Machine Learning with Python
  • 2. Unix and Shell Programming
  • 3. ChatBot and AI
  • 4. Android Projects
  • 5. ChatBot and AI Labs
  • 6. Android Projects Labs

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Cambridge Intercontinental University Accreditation

Integrity Pledge by Central Vigilance Commission


When it comes to skilled cybersecurity professionals, there is an extreme shortage compared to the available open positions for such experts. As per a study by the Global Information Security Workforce, the gap between open cybersecurity positions and qualified personnel will increase to almost 2 million by 2022 in India.
50% Scholarship

Cybersecurity Award 2017

CIU was awarded for Network Security Education by GDS Review in 2017, United Kingdom

Integrity Pledge

CIU has adopted Integrity Pledge from Central Vigilance Commission, Government of India.

Membership with NITTSD

Member of NITTSD - National Institute for Technical Training & Skill Development

Membership with AICTSD

CIU is a member of AICTSD - All India Council for Technical Skill Development

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Cambridge Intercontinental University, a non-traditional online university, accredited by the CSA Council, incorporated in the State of Delaware, United States of America, since its inception in 2002 believes in delivering quality content pertinent to industry standards and requirements enabling students ready to start their professional careers in the relevant industry. It has been CIU's concerted effort in providing students with real-time hands-on experience in all critical areas where the students might face while on the job.

Cambridge Intercontinental University is committed to bringing job-oriented courses that are current and industry standards. Cambridge Intercontinental University with 1,45,000 alumni strength from 162 countries working in thousands of top blue-chip companies worldwide has gained utmost trust among the employers.

Accreditation & Recognition

PHD in Cybersecurity / Security

If you are a masters degree holder in science and looking forward to add values to the society by doing research in the area which has not been addressed by the industry yet, then you are on the right track.

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PHD in Business Management

If you are a masters degree holder in management and looking forward to add values to the society by doing research in the area which has not been addressed by the industry yet, then you are at the right place

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