PG Diploma in Digital Marketing & Automation

Program driven by live projects and owning award winning softwares Free for good to all participations that will help students demonstrate skills to prospective employers or can be used for freelancing jobs and startups. Retain 100% profits on all future projects delivered to clients.  

First ever course: PG Diploma and MBA in Digital Marketing & Automations for Freelancing Jobs & Startups: a Differentiated Career

Legal Softwares given to help setup Startups, Provide Freelancing Jobs and Demonstrate Prospective Employers

  • AI Driven Software for making Websites, Stores, Blogs and Mobile Apps ( Android and iOS Apps ) 
  • Marketing Funnel Software for Complete Online Business Automation with Commericial License
  • Video Marketing Software and an eAcademy Software 
Software Details 

Semester 1

- Website & Mobile Apps Building

- Facebook Promotion & Analytics

- Email Marketing

- Google Advance Analytics

- Capstone Project

Pay 1st Sem Fee  

Semester 2

- Online Business Funnel Building
- Video Funnels Marketing
- Automated Sales & Support with ChatBot
- Zapier Integration
- Major Capstone Project 
Pay 1st Sem fee 

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility: Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing and Automations course is open to all aspirants holding bachelors degree. Non-graduates will be awarded Diploma in Digital Marketing and Automations for the same course.

1. Are the softwares provided only for temporary access?

No, all the softwares provided will be with commercial license and it is given for FREE which is worth US$ 4000 with Life long access.  

2. This course must be very expensive?

Though this course is worth US$ 8000 because of the softwares provided to students, but actually it is only costing as low as US$ 950 ( All inclusive)

3. Why softwares are provided with this course?

Digital Automation is trending in 2022 and onwards, we want every single participations to build live commercial projects using these softwares which can be demonstrated to prospective employers. Best of all, you can earn hefty amount by giving consultancy to your prospective clients even while on job, working part-time, operating from home.

4. Why should I attend this course?

This is a first of its kind ever in the history of education, that gives 100% emphasis on making trending live projects supported by three award winning AI enabled softwares given to students for life long access, just to overcome the current market challenge in global scale plus a remarkable opportunity to earn decent living by doing freelancing work even on job.

5. What value does this course have?

This course trains the most trending topics in digital marketing and automations which is Accredited by EUAS 'USA and awarded by CIU.

6. Can I pay in instalments?

Yes you can pay this course fee (US$ 950) in two instalments. First instalment is US$ 500 at the time of admission and the next $450 in 3 months from the start of course.

List of Softwares you will be getting in 1st and 2nd Semesters of your course with Commercial license 

These softwares will be your property with Lifetime access so that you can build amazing projects for your clients and keep 100% profit. The idea for giving software is to help you sustain as a freelancer as well as becoming a successful professional by demonstrating your skills to your prospective employer  

Software for making Mobile Apps, Websites, Stores and Blog - You will be getting in the First Semester

Sample image

Sample image

AI Powered Business Funnels Automation in 2nd Sem


Video Funnel Software provided on 2nd Semester with Commercial License