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"Joseph Delgadillo - Founder of JTD"

Joseph Delgadillo

Joseph Delgadillo is the founder of JTD Courses, an education technology company. He has been active in the online learning industry since 2015 and has worked with several prominent companies. As of 2023, over 1 million students across the globe have enrolled in his courses covering network security, Python programming, web development and more.

His main goal as an instructor is to teach the foundations of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security to anyone who wants to pursue this as a career or wants to learn it to protect themselves online. Cyber attacks and online security is something that changes really fast so we as hackers must always be ready to learn new things in order to better protect Networks, Websites, Machines .. and also people!


Skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Network Security Skills
  • Web Programming
  • Python for Ethical Hacking Expert
  • Web Penetration Testing Skills
  • Great understanding of Linux
  • Application Security

Ethical Hacking & Pentesting Skills

Python for Ethical Hacker Skills

Web Programming Skills