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IoT Networking and Fog Layer Devices Free Course from ITMO University

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IoT Networking and Fog Layer Devices

In this course students will learn about specific IoT networking protocols and Fog devices programming, here Raspberry Pi, in Python and C# languages.

If you have some experience with IoT end node devices, here comes advanced part for the networking.

We present networking layer protocols, in details 6LoWPan and selected application level protocols including in depth presentation of the MQTT and CoAP protocols. We also present important facts on other popular networking protocols like Bluetooth, BLE, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP and their relation and usability in IoT world. Course contains material covering different networking IoT scenarios, including gatewaying, routing, star and mesh network topologies.

We also present in details Raspberry Pi platform as an example of the Fog computing device, including a short course on Python programming for Raspberry Pi under Raspbian OS and C# programming for Raspberry Pi under Windows 10 Core IoT OS.

As materials are provided by authors who develop real IoT solutions and work not only in academia but also in industrial projects, your study will have applied character, getting you ready for challenges of the IoT challenging world, including Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities, Smart Metering and many, many others.

  • IoT network topologies including star and mesh, device to device, device to gateway and device to cloud.
  • 6LoWPan and its relation to IPv4 and IPv6.
  • General information about Bluetooth Scatternet and Bluetooth Mesh (5.0) network topologies.
  • Cellular communication principles and their use in IoT solutions.
  • Information about hardware and operating systems for Raspberry Pi platform.
  • Programming (including GPIO and interfacing sensors and actuators) in Python for Raspberry Pi under Raspbian OS. This includes basic information on OS installation and development environment configuration.
  • Programming (including GPIO and interfacing sensors and actuators) in C# and Microsoft Visual Studio for Raspberry Pi under Windows 10 Core IoT OS. This includes basic information on OS installation and development environment configuration.




00:06:24 Hours
IP Addressing
00:16:29 Hours
Network Protocol
00:32:23 Hours
  • Network Protocol00:03:00
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SFTP, TFTP Explained00:07:54
  • POP3 vs IMAP – What’s the difference?00:07:50
  • ARP Explained – Address Resolution Protocol00:04:22
  • TCP vs UDP Comparison00:04:37
  • ICMP and TRACERT (traceroute) networking commands00:04:40
Network Servers
00:23:35 Hours
  • DHCP Explained – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol00:10:10
  • What is a DNS Server | Domain Name Server / System Explained | How Internet Works00:05:54
  • How a DNS Server (Domain Name System) works.00:06:05
  • Proxy Server00:01:26
Switch & VLAN
00:05:45 Hours
  • Animation of working of Switch | How switch works00:01:07
  • VLAN Explained00:04:38
00:21:40 Hours
  • Hub, Switch, & Router Explained – What’s the difference?00:07:22
  • Modem vs Router – What’s the difference?00:07:00
  • Animation of Router working while Forwarding Packets in Networks00:01:20
  • Animation of Working of Router | How router works00:02:45
  • What is Network Router, Ping Test and Tracert Test?00:03:13
NAT & Port Forwarding
00:13:30 Hours
  • NAT Explained – Network Address Translation00:04:26
  • Port Forwarding Explained00:09:04
00:27:39 Hours
  • Firewall – Software and Hardware Explained | Network Security00:02:10
  • How firewalls work | Network firewall security | firewall security00:03:29
  • Types of firewall | network firewall security00:05:19
  • Firewall limitations – Software and Hardware – Disadvantages| Network Security00:03:43
  • Hardware Firewall vs Software Firewall | Network Security00:01:59
  • What is a Proxy Server? | How to access blocked websites | How proxy server gives us Privacy00:04:45
  • What is a DMZ? (Demilitarized Zone)00:06:14

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