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MSc in Cyber Security & IoT UGC Recognised Online Masters Degree Master of Science in Cybersecurity (0)

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MSc in Cyber Security & IoT Online Masters Degree Program – Apply


MSCCS11 : Insiders Threat to Business
MSCCS12 : Networking Technologies
MSCCS13 : Advance Linux Operating Systems
MSCCS14 : System’s Internals for Security
MSCCS15 : Advance Linux Operating Systems Lab
MSCCS16 : System’s Internals for Security Lab


MSCCS21 : Network Security
MSCCS22 : Malware Analysis and Mitigation
MSCCS23 : Kali Linux for Pentesting
MSCCS24 : Nmap Security Scanner
MSCCS25 : Kali Linux for Pentesting Lab
MSCCS26 : Nmap Security Scanner Lab


MSCCS31 : Web Security
MSCCS32 : Ethical Hacking & Vulnerability Assessment
MSCCS33 : Routing & Switching Technologies
MSCCS34 : Advance IoT with Raspberry Pi
MSCCS35 : Routing & Switching Technologies Lab
MSCCS36 : Advance IoT with Raspberry Pi (Lab)


MSCCS41 : Mobile Security
MSCCS42 : Rootkits, Backdoors and Trojans
MSCCS43 : Advance IoT with Arduino
MSCCS44 : Advance Pentesting with Kali Linux
MSCCS45 : Advance IoT with Arduino Lab
MSCCS46 : Advance Pentesting Lab

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